Prime Time

It is 1912 when Pollyanna Whittier (HAYLEY MILLS) arrives in the town of Harrington where, since being orphaned by the death of her missionary father and mother, she is to live with her aunt, Polly Harrington (JANE WYMAN), the social and economic arbiter of the community.

Met at the train station by aunt Polly?s first maid, Nancy Furman (NANCY OLSON), the 12-year-old girl’s arrival is duly noted by the local gossip, Amelia Tarbell (ANNE SEYMOUR) and her husband, Ben (ED PLATT), and by 10-year-old, Jimmy Bean (KEVIN CORCORAN), who lives at the orphanage. Arriving on the same train with Pollyanna is Dr. Edmond Chilton (RICHARD EGAN), successful Baltimore surgeon and one-time fiancé of Polly Harrington, who is returning home for the first time in five years.